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Access Statement & Essential Contacts


The apartment is located just 10 minutes walk from the city centre.

Kingston Upon Hull is a very flat area, in fact the only gradients are on the bridges over the river Hull and railways, but this doesn't effect the city centre.

The apartment has one double bedroom and one twin room. All rooms are situated on the ground floor, although there are a small number of steps into building both front and rear.


Paragon Interchange is the train, coach and bus station and is just a 10 minute walk from the apartment. The streets in the area are paved and level. A taxi rank is also located to the front of the interchange.Private car park accessed through electric gates via College Street.

Key Collection, Welcome & Car Parking

Keys will normally be left for collection in a locked key box and a code will be provided prior to your stay. Arrangements can be made to welcome the guests at the Apartment if preferred and the keys will be handed over during the familiarisation tour of the property. There is on-site secure parking for one car to the rear of the property, which can be accessed through an electric gate via College Street. The code to the gate will be supplied prior to the guest’s arrival. Additional parking is possible on College Street, but time restrictions apply.The car park surface is level tarmac, but access from this area into the building requires negotiating two steps onto a rough hewn stone patio area and over a threshold step through the French window. No handrails are provided in this area.The patio and car park is well illuminated with dusk ‘til dawn lighting.


Entrance to the Property

The front main entrance is accessed up 3 stone steps, with no hand rail. There are two main doors into the communal hallway and a further private door into the apartment. The minimum clear door opening through these is 860mm (33½ “) The rear entrance into the apartment from the car park has double doors with a clear door opening of 1450mm (58”). The walk from the patio is restricted to 1250mm (49”) at its minimum and has a total of three steps with no hand rail.


Halls and Passageways

The main front door is automatically illuminated overhead by a movement sensor. There is a further light in the vestibule, which can be turned on with a switch on the left hand side as you enter. The hallway lights are operated by a time-delay switch, again on the left hand side as you enter.The communal areas are all short pile carpeted and guests are requested to use the doormats provided, to minimise soiling.Once in the communal hallway, access to Apartment One is through a door to the left. You will enter into the apartment’s hallway/cloakroom through this door. The light switch for this room is on the right and a night light is also provided in this area.The apartment’s hallway has a laminated floor, which is covered with a runner near the front door. Both bedrooms are accessed from this area, one door in front and one to the left. The hallway also goes to the right and has one step to negotiate, with no hand rail. There are two further doors in this area, the bathroom to the left and the lounge and kitchen in front. This area also has a laminated floor.



The lounge and kitchen are open plan and accessed directly from the hallway through a door with a clear opening of 760mm (30”). The area is level, with laminate flooring throughout.



Furniture in the lounge area consists of a large 3 seat sofa, one armchair, coffee table, store cupboard & TV unit. Use of dining furniture is provided in the form of Bistro style tables and chairs. These are stored on the patio for communal use, but belong to Apartment One and can be kept inside the apartment for the duration of your stay if required.The TV has Freeview with subtitles when made available.The area is well lit with halogen ceiling lights.



The worktop and hob height is 930mm (36½“). The oven is situated under the hob and has a drop down door.The fridge freezer is arranged one above the other with a maximum shelf height of 1750mm (69”) and a minimum height of 520mm (20½“). The maximum shelf height in the wall cupboards is 1830mm (72”).The sink has a mixer tap, but does not have lever operation.The kettle is of cordless design which revolves 360 degrees on its base.The area is well lit with multiple ceiling spot lights.



The bedrooms are located to the front of the building and are accessed via the hallway. The Master Bedroom can also be accessed through a door from the bathroom, which has one carpeted step and no hand rail.


Master Bedroom

The clear door opening from the hallway 690mm (27”) with a 630mm (25”) clear opening through the doorway from the bathroom.There is a standard 4’ 6” double drawer divan bed, which has a mattress height of 610mm (24”).Lighting is provided by a five bulb chandelier on the ceiling and a single wall light next to the bed.Clothes storage is provided in a large wardrobe, which has a large hanging space, internal drawers and compartments. The rail is fixed to a height of 1530mm (60”).The area next to the bed measures 1830mm (72”) x 2410mm (95”).The floor is covered in a short pile carpet. The colour contrast of the floor, doors and walls is very good.


Second Bedroom

The Second Bedroom is adjacent to the Master Bedroom and is also accessed from the hallway through a doorway with a clear opening of 700 (27½“). Lighting is provided by a five bulb chandelier on the ceiling and a bedside lamp. Clothes storage is provided by a chest of drawers, shelving with a height of 1790mm (70½“) Hanging space is provide by a rail 2010mm (79”) high.The floor is covered in a short pile carpet, which has very high contrast with the walls. The contrast between the walls and door is very low.


Bathroom & Toilet

To access the bathroom from the bedroom requires negotiating one step, with no hand rail.The door from the hallway has a clear opening of 640mm (25”) and from the Master bedroom 630mm (25”).There is a shower over the bath, which is thermostatically controlled. There is also a second shower-head, which forms part of the bath taps, which is not thermostatically controlled. The height of the toilet seat from the floor is 390mm (15½“).The basin is 790mm (31”) in height and has a pedestal underneath. None of the taps are lever operated.There is no hand rails provided in the bathroom.The area is well lit from multiple ceiling spot lights and has good contrast between floors, walls and doors.The floor is covered in textured vinyl and bath mat.

There is a high colour contrast between the floor and walls throughout the apartment. The contrast in the communal hallway is much lower unfortunately, featuring a beige carpet and cream walls.


Internet Access

Free Wi-Fi broadband is provided.


Mobile Phone Reception

The apartment has experienced no problems with mobile phone reception.